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Forms and Policies

Forms and Policies

 Presbytery Operations

Book of Order 2017-2019
Manualrevised Nov. 2016, updated August 2017
Check Requests
Background Check Policy – August 2017
Policy for Discernment toward Reconciliation or Separation of Congregations –  Revised Nov. 2016
Sabbatical Leave Policy
Resolution Against Racism and White Supremacy
Parental Leave Policy – Feb 2017

Committee on Pastoral Transition Forms

Commissioned Ruling Elder Contract  (pdf)  (doc)
ARE-CRE Policy – rev. November 2011
Preparation for Commissioning of Ruling Elders – October 2017
CRE/ARE Application Form  (pdf)  (doc)
CRE Covenant Agreement and Explorer/Disciple Release  (pdf)  (doc)
CRE Session Endorsement Form  (pdf)  (doc)
CRE Form B – Self-Reflection  (pdf)  (doc)
CRE Form C – Pre-Consultation Report  (pdf)  (doc)
Congregational Assessment Tools (CAT)
Contract for Temporary Relationships  (pdf)  (doc)
Departing Minister Policy  (pdf)  (doc) – November 2016

Dissolution Policy
Exam Policy
– May 2016
Interim Pastor Policy – May 2016
Interim contract with worksheet  (pdf)  (doc) Rev. 5/2018
Parish Associate Contract  (pdf)  (doc)
Pastoral Call with Worksheet  (pdf)  (doc) – Rev. 5/2018
Salary Policy – February 2017

Committee on New Congregational Development

CNCD Policy & Guidelines – 2017
NWC Covenant
  – 2017

NWC Covenant Renewal  – 2017
NWC Covenant Pastoral Leadership – 2017
NWC Partnership – 2017 

Committee on Preparation for Ministry

Application to Enroll as Inquirer (Form 1a)
Questions for Reflection (Form 1b)
Financial Planning (Form 1c)
Session Evaluation and Recommendation – Inquirer (Form 1d)
Report of Consultation Regarding Application – Inquirer (Form 2a)
Covenant Agreement – Inquirer (Form 2b)
Pre-Consultation Report on Development (Form 3)
Report on Consultation – Inquirer (Form 4)
Application to Enroll As Candidate (Form 5a)
Session Evaluation and Recommendation – Candidate (Form 5b)
Report on Consultation – Candidate (Form 5c)
Covenant Agreement – Candidate (Form 5d)
Summary Report of Final Assessment – Candidate (Form 6)

Committee Forms

Clerk of Session Form (2018)  (pdf)  (doc)
Nominations Volunteer Service Form  (pdf)  (doc)
Sessional Records

Clerk of Session Manual – May 2017

Incorporation of Presbyterian Churches in Virginia

Incorporation Procedures — Rev. April 2014

Forms Set 1: Session as Trustees in a Non-Electing Church

  1-A  Articles of Incorporation
  1-B  Bylaws
  Unanimous Consent

Forms Set 2: Separate Board of Trustees in a Non-Electing Church

  2A  Articles of Incorporation
  2B  Bylaws
  Unanimous Consent

Forms Set 3: Session as Trustees in an Electing Church

  3A  Articles of Incorporation
  3B  Bylaws
  Unanimous Consent

Forms Set 4: Separate Board of Trustees in an Electing Church

  4A  Articles of Incorporation
  4B  Bylaws
  Unanimous Consent