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Forms and Policies

Forms and Policies

 Presbytery Operations

Book of Order 2017-2019
Manualrevised Nov. 2016, updated August 2017
Check Requests
Background Check Policy – August 2017
Policy for Discernment toward Reconciliation or Separation of Congregations –  Revised Nov. 2016
Sabbatical Leave Policy
Resolution Against Racism and White Supremacy
Parental Leave Policy – Feb 2017

Committee on Pastoral Transition Forms

Commissioned Ruling Elder Contract  (pdf)  (doc)
Preparation for Commissioning of Ruling Elders – October 2017
CRE/ARE Application Form  (pdf)  (doc)
CRE Covenant Agreement and Explorer/Disciple Release  (pdf)  (doc)
CRE Session Endorsement Form  (pdf)  (doc)
CRE Form B – Self-Reflection  (pdf)  (doc)
CRE Form C – Pre-Consultation Report  (pdf)  (doc)
CRE Personal Information Report (pdf)  (doc)
CRE Starter Interview Questions (pdf)  (doc)
Congregational Assessment Tools (CAT)
Contract for Temporary Relationships  (pdf)  (doc)
Departing Minister Policy  (pdf)  (doc) – November 2016

Dissolution Policy
Exam Policy
– May 2016
Interim Pastor Policy – May 2016
Interim contract with worksheet  (pdf)  (doc) Rev. 5/2018
Parish Associate Contract  (pdf)  (doc)
Pastoral Call with Worksheet  (pdf)  (doc) – Rev. 5/2018
Salary Policy – February 2017

Committee on New Congregational Development

CNCD Policy & Guidelines – 2017
NWC Covenant
  – 2017

NWC Covenant Renewal  – 2017
NWC Covenant Pastoral Leadership – 2017
NWC Partnership – 2017 

Committee on Preparation for Ministry

Application to Enroll as Inquirer (Form 1a)
Questions for Reflection (Form 1b)
Financial Planning (Form 1c)
Session Evaluation and Recommendation – Inquirer (Form 1d)
Report of Consultation Regarding Application – Inquirer (Form 2a)
Covenant Agreement – Inquirer (Form 2b)
Pre-Consultation Report on Development (Form 3)
Report on Consultation – Inquirer (Form 4)
Application to Enroll As Candidate (Form 5a)
Session Evaluation and Recommendation – Candidate (Form 5b)
Report on Consultation – Candidate (Form 5c)
Covenant Agreement – Candidate (Form 5d)
Summary Report of Final Assessment – Candidate (Form 6)

Committee Forms

Clerk of Session Form (2018)  (pdf)  (doc)
Nominations Volunteer Service Form  (pdf)  (doc)
Sessional Records

Clerk of Session Manual – May 2017

Incorporation of Presbyterian Churches in Virginia

Incorporation Procedures — Rev. April 2014

Forms Set 1: Session as Trustees in a Non-Electing Church

  1-A  Articles of Incorporation
  1-B  Bylaws
  Unanimous Consent

Forms Set 2: Separate Board of Trustees in a Non-Electing Church

  2A  Articles of Incorporation
  2B  Bylaws
  Unanimous Consent

Forms Set 3: Session as Trustees in an Electing Church

  3A  Articles of Incorporation
  3B  Bylaws
  Unanimous Consent

Forms Set 4: Separate Board of Trustees in an Electing Church

  4A  Articles of Incorporation
  4B  Bylaws
  Unanimous Consent