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222nd General Assembly

                                               Meeting of
GA222logo222nd General Assembly (2016)
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
June 18-25, 2016
Portland, Oregon

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The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) meets every other year in even numbered years.  It consists of commissioners – teaching elders (ministers) and ruling elders (active on session or not) and Young Adult Advisory Delegates (either ordained or not) – elected by each of its 172 presbyteries.  Shenandoah Presbytery will send two teaching elder commissioners, two ruling elder commissioners and one YAAD to the Assembly.  The GA is full of activities: business sessions, committee meetings, an exhibit hall, daily worship services and mission tours.

At its Fall stated meeting, Shenandoah Presbytery will elect the 4 commissioners plus four alternates, and one YAAD plus an alternate.  All teaching elders, ruling elders and young adults (at least 17 but not more than 23 years old as of June 18, 2016) from all churches and regions may apply. 

Commissioners, YAAD, & Alternates from Shenandoah

Principal Teaching Elders

Alternate Teaching Elders
Rev. Betty Dax
New Providence Church
Rev. David Witt
Opequon Church
Rev. John Haney
Parish of the Pastures
Rev. Amy Fetterman
Finley Memorial Church

Principal Ruling Elders

Alternate Ruling Elders
Elder Mary Lou Cox
Beulah Church
Susan Phend
Trinity Church
Elder Dave Thalman
Winchester First Church
Elder David Dax
Lexington Church

Young Adult Advisory Delegate
Isaac Haney
Millboro Church