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The names and contact information listed below constitute the Shenandoah Presbytery Supply List. The qualifications and suitability of each person have been reviewed by the Presbytery. We recommend that when your church needs someone to fill the pulpit on a particular Sunday, you contact one of the persons listed below.

Presbytery recommends sessions offer an honorarium to anyone filling the pulpit, using the following schedule:
     For congregations under 100, a minimum of $50.00, and $25.00 for each additional service.
     For congregations of 100 or more members, a minimum of $100.00, and $75 for each additional service.
     In addition, the Session shall reimburse for mileage at the current IRS rate. If overnight lodging is required, motel and meals should be provided at the church’s expense.

We recognize that there may be a variety of circumstances, which would call for a different payment arrangement. If the church or supply preacher desire some different arrangement that should be discussed and agreed to ahead of time.

Rationale: Supplying the pulpit involves a significant commitment of preparation time by the supply preacher. Estimates of the time spent for one supply preaching date range from 3⁄4 of a day to 1.5 days. It should also be pointed out that supplying the pulpit should not be viewed as a gradual way to work into a more permanent relationship with a particular church. Should a church find itself engaging a supply pastor on a regular basis, it is highly recommended that this be discussed with the Committee on Pastoral Transition.

Pulpit Supply Guidelines (pdf)
The Maintenance of Divine Worship is a fundamental responsibility of every Presbyterian Session, and the Presbytery is committed to supporting Sessions in this important task. When pastors take vacation or study leave, fall ill, have family emergencies, or leave to accept another Call, a session or worship committee is tasked with filling the pulpit – that is, finding someone to preach and/or lead worship. Please review the guidelines link above. 

Pulpit Supply Evaluation  (pdf) (doc)
Please take a moment to review the Supply and return this evaluation form to cpt@shenpres.org or mail it to the office “in care of CPT”.

Download Current Listing – January 14, 2020

Rev. Debra McKune              pastormckune@gmail.com        (240) 291-2312
Williamsport, MD

Elder Henry Christie                                                               (304) 725-6939, (304) 279-6024
Charles Town, WV.

Rev. Chris Halverson                                                              (202) 412-1400
Shepherdstown WV.  (National Capitol Presbytery)

Rev. Nancy Smith                   revnanc2424@yahoo.com      (304) 788-1349,  (435) 513-0479

Keyser, WV.

Rev. Nancy Meehan Yao        assocgp@shenpres.org            (540) 433-2556, ext 102
Moorefield, WV. Associate General Presbyter             Rev. Nancy Meehan Yao serves Shenandoah Presbytery as Associate General Presbyter. A graduate of Columbia Theological Seminary, she has served as co-pastor (with her husband, Rev. Jim Yao), temporary supply and interim pastor to churches in the Finger Lakes region of New York State.  Jim serves as pastor to Moorefield Presbyterian Church, in Moorefield, WV.  They have 2 adult sons and 1 very spoiled cat.

Rev. James Lawton                maclawton@mac.com             (571) 230-8292

Front Royal, VA. Honorably Retired.  35 mile radius.

Rev. John Lown                      johnlown@earthlink.net         (850) 445-2816
Winchester, V. Honorably Retired. 35 mile radius.
A native Carolinian and graduate of Presbyterian College and Union Presbyterian Seminary, Rev. Lown pastored churches in Virginia, Florida and Georgia in his 46 year career; coordinated the Virginia Council of Churches Refugee Resettlement Program; served as presbytery moderator; and served on the Board of Directors for Thornwell, a home for children in Clinton, SC. He and his wife, Toya, have six grown children, 3 granddaughters and three grandsons scattered around the U.S., making them frequent travelers.

Rev. Ernie Poland                                                                   (412) 855-9262
Silver Spring MD. Minister At Large. Will travel as far as Winchester.

Rev. C. Richard Slider            rpslider@gmail.com                (540) 773-8373
Winchester, VA. Honorably Retired.

Rev. Philip Sommer                kphospitality@comcast.net    (410) 829-3284
Winchester, VA. Honorably Retired.

Elder Susanne Taylor             shtaylor556@comcast.net       (540) 229-6155
Jeffersonton, VA; Commissioned Ruling Elder, Warrenton

Rev. James Atwood                jatwood1959@gmail.com       (540) 568-8523

Harrisonburg, VA. Honorably Retired.

Rev. Roxana Atwood             rmatwood36@gmail.com       (540) 568-8523
Harrisonburg, VA. Honorably Retired.

Rev. Ann Barner                     revsbarner@gmail.com           (540) 434-8113
Harrisonburg, VA. Honorably Retired. Limited to the Harrisonburg area.

Rev. Fred T. Barner                revsbarner@gmail.com                       (540) 434-8113
Harrisonburg, VA.  Honorably Retired. Limited to the Harrisonburg area.

Rev. Jack Heintzleman                                                          (540) 568-8379
Harrisonburg, VA. Honorably Retired, Abingdon Presbytery.

Rev. Ann Reed Held              aheld73@verizon.net              (540) 271-3908
Harrisonburg, VA. Honorably Retired. Unavailable June 21-September 1.

Rev. William L. Painter, Jr.       wlpainter38@comcast.net   (540) 437-8830
Harrisonburg, VA. Honorably Retired.

Rev. Clayton Rascoe             claytonr@massanettasprings.org        (757) 617-6781
Harrisonburg, VA.  Executive Director, Massanetta Springs Camp & Conference Center

Rev. William B. Young                                                          (540) 568-8345
Harrisonburg, VA. Honorably Retired, Peaks Presbytery. 50 mile radius.

Elder Ramona J. Bosserman                                                   (540) 886-4737

Staunton, VA. Authorized Ruling Elder. 30 mile radius. 

Elder A. Edwin Conner          uncleed@cfw.com                  (540) 885-1020
Staunton, VA.       Authorized Ruling Elder

Rev. Melissa Harmon              revmelissapcusa@gmail.com  (804) 586-2504
Staunton VA. Member At Large.

Elder Mark Wilson                   markwilson1776@gmail.com            (540) 248-4848
Ft. Defiance, VA.

Rev. Bernard Bangley                                                            (540) 463-1131

Lexington VA.  Honorably Retired, Peaks Presbytery.

Rev. Bronwen Boswell             presbyterSC@shenpres.org   (540) 433-2556, ext 101
Buena Vista, VA. General Presbyter/Stated Clerk.
The Rev. Bronwen Boswell has been the General Presbyter/Stated Clerk for Shenandoah Presbytery since October 2017.  A graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, she is a trained Interim specialist, having served congregations in Kansas, the greater Chicago Area and Buffalo, NY.  Bronwen has been a parliamentarian for the meetings of General Assembly since 2004.  A native of Virginia, she is married to the Rev. Howard W. Boswell, Jr. pastor of Buena Vista Presbyterian Church.  Bronwen has roots in the valley; her father grew up in Rockbridge County and was confirmed at Lexington Presbyterian Church!

Rev. J. Malcolm Brownlee        mandsbrownlee@gmail.com (540) 348-6588
Rockbridge Baths, VA. Honorably Retired.

Elder Kenneth Campbell        kenandmarge@gmail.com      (540) 377-2949
Raphine, VA.        Authorized Ruling Elder

Rev. Betty Dax                       bettygdax@ gmail.com           (540) 463-4930                Lexington, VA. Honorably Retired.
I was raised in the Presbyterian manse and church. Mission projects in Mexico and Central America have been an important part of my faith journey. Before entering seminary I was an elementary school art teacher and managed a small business for a few years. I  have served churches in VA, WVA, NY and New Jersey for over 30 years.

Rev. Barton L. Hellmuth                                                        (540) 261-2474
Buena Vista, VA. Honorably Retired. 35 mile radius.

Rev. Deborah H. Klein           kleindeh@gmail.com              (540) 458-0154
Lexington, VA. Parish Associate, Lexington Presbyterian Church. 50 mile radius. More free during the summer months.
I was born in St. Joseph, Missouri, received a B.A. from Rutgers University, and my M.Div from Union Theological Seminary in Richmond.  While students at UTS, Bill Klein and I married and have served together in ministry, first in Danville, Virginia, then New Bern, NC and now at Lexington Presbyterian Church since 1995.  I am also a certified spiritual director.  We have three adult children, all living in Virginia.

Rev. Carl Pattison                                                                   (540) 464-5082
Lexington VA.      (Northern New York Presbytery)

Rebecca Young                                                                       (828) 348-4894          
Eagle Rock VA.    (Peaks Presbytery)

Robert Jordan (540) 671-1375

Front Royal VA

Louis Centore – 2500 Q Street, #306 NW, Washington, DC 20007-4319; (540) 383-8355