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Congregational Transformation

Congregational Transformation

 A Subcommittee of Committee on Church Development

Congregational Transformation is people…
                  moving evermore completely…
                             to embrace with clarity and passion…
                                             the mission Jesus gave the Church!

                                                 MAKING DISCIPLES!

Transformation has two dimensions:
1- The “aha” of seeing the difference between maintenance and mission, and choosing with resoluteness to become missional in congregational lifestyle.
2 – The long process of aligning congregational behavior with the vision and mission that God is calling the church to be and do …
                                           the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.
When we use the words transform, transforming, and transformation, we understand both of these meanings are included.


bluesparkthumbCatch the Spark 3 Resources
   Dr. Ken McFayden – Keynote Speaker

* Around the Fire: Warm Feelings and Good Stories from the Past
* When the Fire Has Died Down: An New Mourning
* A New Fire: Resurrecting the Old, Starting Anew
* ARE YOU ON FIRE: Leading Adaptively in a New Day – Handout

bluesparkthumbCatch the Spark 2 Resources
Download Resources Below from Ann Philbrick and others

* Spiritual Strategic Journey Inventorydownload Adobe pdf file
* Friday Evening Powerpoint – download Adobe pdf file

* Saturday Morning PowerPoint – download Adobe pdf file
* Dialogue Comments from SPYCE Youth – download Adobe pdf file