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PCUSA World Mission 100 % Challenge
A challenge for the presbyteries of the PC(USA)

In an effort to increase the level of support for PC(USA) mission co-workers around the globe, PCUSA World Mission has invited each presbytery to accept the challenge of having 100% of their congregations in a relationship with at least one PC(USA) mission co-worker.

What’s a relationship with a mission co-worker look like?  Well, that’s pretty much up to you, but one presbytery came up with these three answers:
     1. Prayer support.  This might include prayers as part of worship services, or by PW circles, youth groups, mission committee members, or individuals. 
    2. A connection with the co-worker’s ministry so that we know what to pray for.  This might include reading the co-worker’s letters and printing excerpts in the church newsletter, writing to the co-worker and sending birthday and Christmas cards, displaying photos on a bulletin board, or listing the co-worker in the church bulletin.
    3. Financial supportThis might include a regular line in the church budget, a suggested offering per member, or a collection on a particular day. 

Shenandoah Presbytery has voted unanimously to work toward the goal of 100% of our congregations in a relationship with a PCUSA mission co-worker. The World Wide Ministries Committee encourages congregations to be as actively involved as is workable for them in being connected in some way with a PCUSA mission worker.