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City Church

A Community of Christ for Worship, Nurture & Mission


2020 Committees of Presbytery
Presbytery Moderator – Rick Comstock
Presbytery Vice-Moderator – Judy Hensley

Coordinating and Planning Commission  Rachel Crumley, chair

Committee on RepresentationStephanie Sorge, chair

Nominating CommitteeBrad Langdon, chair

Committee on Relational Ministry – Betty Dax, chair

Committee on Preparation for MinistryKate Rascoe, chair

Committee on Presbytery Administration
Wray Sherman, chair

Committee on Pastoral TransitionPatrick Pettit, chair

Committee on Church Vitality and TransformationDavid Witt, chair

Committee on Educational ResourcesApril Cranford, co-chair
                                                                                    Sarah Hill, co-chair
Committee on Mission and OutreachBobby Spurgeon, chair

Committee on New Congregational DevelopmentKaren Greenawalt, chair

Paddy RunAmy Tubbs, chair
ResourceSarah Hill, chair
SPYCE Youth Council 
Presbyterian Women
Darlene Mason, moderator