Chair, Vice-Chair, Ten Members-at-Large

To coordinate local, national, and international mission work through congregations and mission communities by providing information and resources and to oversee and coordinate presbytery-wide mission work.

1. Receive and discuss reports regularly from all mission communit ies.

2. Communicate with congregations and mission communities regarding mission

3. Oversee and staff and receive reports regularly from any presbytery-wide mission

4. Conduct mission-oriented workshops and mission fairs regularly.

5. Inform congregations and mission communities of denominational mission opportunities.

6. Provide mission resource materials for congregations and mission communities.

7. Oversee and administer mission-related funds of the presbytery.

8. Keep an accurate list of all mission activities involving congregations and mission communities.

9. Encourage and facilitate the creation of new mission communities around common missional interests.

10. Promote ecumenical partnerships in mission.

Global Mission Grant Fund

Several years ago Shenandoah Presbytery received a couple of bequests from the estate of Bernice Hiett who was a member of the Hedgesville Presbyterian Church. One was for a large amount to be distributed among the small churches of the former Winchester Presbytery. Those funds were distributed at a special service honoring the life of Bernice Hiett.

The second bequest was for $150,000 to be used by Shenandoah Presbytery for “foreign mission” work. Hiett wished to serve in the mission field, but because her family did not have the means to send Bernice to college. Bernice put herself through business school and then worked in several government agencies in Washington, DC. Her passion for the mission field yielded this wonderful gift to Shenandoah Presbytery enabling those who shared this same passion to become engaged in some foreign mission endeavor.

The Committee on Mission and Outreach has established the Bernice Hiett Global Mission Grant Fund to support mission activities in the global or “foreign” mission field. Those wishing to apply for funds should demonstrate interest in international mission through their congregation or related organization. The Grant criteria provides the terms and conditions for applying. Of special note is that advance planning is required since the funds are only available on a quarterly basis through the corporation.

Ramsey Mission Grants

The Ramsey Grant program supports the international mission efforts of congregations/related organizations within Shenandoah Presbytery. Preference is given to new mission initiatives to encourage congregations to seek fresh ways of serving Jesus Christ in the world.

Review the Grant criteria and send only completed applications to Chair, Committee on Mission and Outreach, Shenandoah Presbytery, 1111 North Main St, Harrisonburg, VA 22802. The deadlines for applications are March 15 and October 15.
Contact Gwen Carr, Mission & Outreach Chair, at [email protected], if you have questions regarding this program.


CMO Mission Grant Application

CMO Ramsey Grant Criteria


Hiett Global Mission Fund Grant Application

Hiett Global Mission Fund Grant Criteria