Committee on Nominations 

Chair, Vice Chair, Six Members-at-Large from all geographic areas of the
presbytery, One Liaison from the Committee on Representation.

To nominate to Presbytery individuals to serve on presbytery committees, adhering to established norms of committee membership and representation including vacancies, chairs and vice-chairs; and to nominate persons to serve on presbytery’s PJC and as commissioners to Synod and General Assembly meetings.

1. Maintain fair representation from all parts of the presbytery.

2. Give consideration to the nomination of equal numbers ·of ministers and laity, both male and female, whenever possible, and meet other requirements for nominating persons
to particular responsibilities, as specified in G-3.0103 and G-3.0111.

3. Develop and maintain a volunteer service form.

4. Develop a file of prospective leadership.

5. Fill vacancies as they occur during the year.

6. Contact each person for consent prior to nomination.


Volunteer Service Form


Committee on Church Vitality and Transformation (CCVT)
Purpose: To provide processes and support for congregations that have an identified need, willingness, and ability to engage in spiritual and/or programmatic growth which can lead to deeper commitment both within and beyond current membership.

Committee on Educational Resources (CER)
Purpose: To provide education and resources in the areas of stewardship, children’s ministry, youth and young adult ministry, evangelism, social justice issues, and other areas related to congregational ministry through the use of specialized teams and regional and presbytery-wide training events.

Committee on Mission and Outreach (CMO)
Purpose: To coordinate local, national, and international mission work through congregations and mission communities by providing information and resources and to oversee and coordinate presbytery-wide mission work.

Committee on New Congregational Development (CNCD)
Purpose: To formulate and implement a comprehensive plan for location, funding, and development of new congregations and new worshiping communities within the bounds of the presbytery.

Committee on Presbytery Administration (CPA)
Purpose: To oversee the management of presbytery funds, property, and staff.

Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM)
Purpose: To oversee the care and examination of inquirers and candidates for ministry, inform sessions of the process for inquiry and candidacy, and conduct examinations of candidates seeking calls within the bounds of this presbytery.

Committee on Pastoral Transition (CPT)
Purpose: To fulfill all Book of Order and presbytery manual responsibilities related to oversight of and guidance to congregations, sessions, and pastors in the process of moving from one pastor/congregation relationship to another.  These responsibilities include work related to dissolving pastoral relationships, working with congregations and sessions in all processes leading to the next pastoral call, and examining teaching elders for readiness and suitability to receive calls.

Committee on Relational Ministry (CRM)
Purpose: To fulfill all Book of Order and presbytery manual responsibilities related to oversight of and assistance to congregations and teaching elders in their ministry.  These responsibilities include all matters related to matriculation of new pastors, periodic visits with sessions and pastors, support for clergy and Certified Christian Educator wellness and professional development, and minimum standards for clergy compensation.

Committee on Representation (CR)
Purpose: To advise the Presbytery with respect to membership of its committees and to the employment of its personnel per Book of Order G-3.0103.

Coordinating and Planning Commission (CPC)
Purpose: Consisting of the chairs of all presbytery committees, to provide for strategic planning and to coordinate the work of the presbytery; and to serve as a commission of presbytery to address matters needing immediate attention between presbytery meetings.