Committee on Preparation for Ministry

Chair, Vice-Chair, Seven Members-at-Large

To oversee the care and examination of inquirers and candidates for ministry, inform sessions of the process for inquiry and candidacy, and conduct examinations of candidates seeking calls within the bounds of this presbytery.


1. Provide effective means of testing and validating the calls of those seeking to become a teaching elder.

2. Provide potential teaching elders with nurture, guidance, and oversight.

3. Bring to active candidacy those with appropriate abilities and gifts.

4. To review and act on all applications that are a part of the CPM process and to add or remove applicants from the presbytery’s roll of inquirers and candidates with the CPM making a full report to presbytery concerning these actions.

5. To approve or disapprove, in consultation with an applicant, inquirer, or candidate,
seminaries not related to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) but accredited by the
Association of Theological Schools, that are appropriate for that individual’s academic
and professional preparation as a teaching elder.

6. To approve or disapprove all CPE and/or supervised ministry placements and receive any and all reports, evaluations, etc., associated with these activities.

7. To approve or disapprove any and all requests to take an ordination exam or exams by other accommodations.

8. Ordain candidates to the ordered ministry of teaching elder following a Presbytery approved call, if so requested by the calling Presbytery.

9. Oversee and administer presbytery funds related to Inquirers and Candidates.


Application to Enroll as Candidate- Form 5A

Application to Enroll as Inquirer- Form 1A

Covenant Agreement: Candidate- Form 5D

Covenant Agreement: Inquirer- Form 2B

Financial Planning- Form 1C

Pre-Consultation Report on Development- Form 3

Questions for Reflection- Form 1B

Report of Consultation Regarding Application: Inquirer- Form 2A

Report on Consultation: Candidate- Form 5C

Report on Consultation: Inquirer- Form 4