Coordinating and Planning Commission

Chair, Moderator of Presbytery, Vice-Moderator of Presbytery, All Presbytery Committee Chairs

To provide for strategic planning and to coordinate the work of the presbytery; and to serve as a commission of presbytery to address matters needing immediate attention between presbytery meetings.

1. Hear and review reports from all presbytery committees.

2. Oversee the planning and docket of presbytery meetings.

3. Address matters not listed as a responsibility of any committee.

4. Nominating to presbytery members of the Committee on Representation and all
members of the Committee on Nominations, their chairs and vice-chairs.

5. Engage the presbytery in strategic planning and monitor the alignment of vision and
mission in the work of the presbytery.

6. Oversee the development and training of leadership of presbytery committees.

7. Act as a commission of presbytery on all matters that are time-sensitive and cannot wait
for a presbytery meeting to address, and report those actions to the presbytery at the
next stated meeting.