Disaster Preparedness and Response Team

Position Name
Director Dave Thalman
Co-Director Doug Sensabaugh
Disaster Response Plan Coordinator vacant
Presbytery Facility Disaster Coordinator vacant
Disaster Response Education Coordinator Carolyn Thalman
MC Rep – Eastern Panhandle Russell Low
MC Rep – Potomac Highlands Charlotte Hott
MC Rep – Mountain Valley Dave Thalman
MC Rep – Central Valley vacant
MC Rep – Highland Augusta Pam Snyder
MC Rep – Maury River vacant

Staff Support
Associate General Presbyter (ex officio) Nancy Meehan Yao

Work Teams

The DPRT has experience planning and managing work teams. Dave Thalman ([email protected]) and Doug Sensabaugh ([email protected]) can help with organizational ideas and best practices. If your church or group is planning a work trip, please let us know and we will list it here. Interested individuals can usually join a group trip. Trip stories are a great way to share experiences and inspire others to become involved. Please pass along your stories.