Enough for Everyone

Enough for Everyone is a lifestyle integrity and education project of the Presbyterian Hunger Program. It focuses on the big picture of our economic lives and asks not only what our dollars do in the offering plate, but what our dollars do in the marketplace.

In a society obsessed with consuming, Enough for Everyone helps Presbyterians engage the life of faith by making lifestyle changes and asking questions such as: How much is enough? Does my coffee provide good wages to small farmers, or does it enrich CEOs at the expense of the producers? Are our Palm Sunday palms damaging God’s Creation? Is my savings account supporting development for people in need, or fueling human rights abuses? Were our youth group t-shirts printed in a sweatshop? Enough for Everyone asks these questions through educational materials like the Just Living series and through direct outreach with congregations via lifestyle awareness and simple living programs like the Presbyterian Coffee Project and Global Marketplace. In these ways Presbyterians can access responsibly produced alternatives that are themselves efforts to alleviate hunger and poverty. Enough for Everyone also raises money for development assistance and capacity building through the Small Farmer Fund and by promoting investments in Oikocredit.

Why do we do this?

The old hymn is true — they will know we are Christians by our love. Enough for Everyone is about aligning our lifestyle with our faith and values. How we live shows who we are. Walking the talk means growing in discipleship and modeling the kind of life that exemplifies love for God’s people and God’s Earth in everything we do, including what we buy, how we get places and what our economic activities support. We are called by God in Christ to bring good news and to proclaim release to those held captive by human structures and injustices. Discipleship means evaluating our lifestyle choices and adopting changes that reflect our faith and give witness to our commitments to mission and justice. In these ways PHP strives to walk with people in moving towards sustainable personal and corporate lifestyles that restore and protect all of God’s children and creation.