It’s June already! We are getting closer to summer each day. We find ourselves communicating and worshiping in a different way. All committees are still active, and the presbytery staff are working from home. Everyone is meeting by Zoom. In the June edition of the Shenandoah Press, we have news from committees, churches, and individuals. 
We continue to pray for the pastors, congregations, and members of this presbytery. You are important to us. We want you to remain safe and healthy. If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know. 
Continue to send your church closing, or opening, updates and digital worship information so we may keep our website current and informative. Pastors and sessions review for the information.

Our next issue will be a combined July/August newsletter. The deadline to have your news included is Monday, June 22. Send your reports, summer events, photos, and news to [email protected] by June 22! Thank you!

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